WordPress? Why not?

Hello guys! Come to think of it, it’s my first ever blog! So please bear with me, I’m not very good at this. I’m just a mere beginner here. Stop the chitchat, read on and enjoy!


WordPress got me like WOW, as in ‘awesomeness’ is the best word to describe it. This was just introduced to me by my classmate also my friend. He noticed that I am into writing specifically poems and he said that I should try WordPress and BOOM! I started my own blog and it’s super fun! I fell in love with writing, everything my heart wanted to say was just typewritten and it’s very heart warming. The utter presence of my website being up is more than the definition of happiness for me.

Actually, I got a hard time finishing the look on my blog because it feels like a little bit dull with no pictures and interesting things posted. That’s why I started writing this. The very reason of starting a blog is sharing my thoughts with you guys! And also, writing is my passion, it fuels my soul with just merely happy vibes.

How about you guys?

What pushed you to start your very own blog? Just for fun or it’s more like passion driven because of curiosity?

– Nicole ❤


It’s Not Enough That He’s a Christian

Dear ladies,

This is for all of you❤


I’m sorry but you read it right and I mean it.

It’s not enough that he’s a Christian.

Beloved, you need to hear the truth.


1. There’s a lot of nice Christian boys, but not a lot of Godly men.
You see, a lot of guys out there can easily serve in the ministry. You can spot them in church every Sunday. Hitting the drums so passionately and leading the worship in all its honor and glory. Yet, are these really the marks of a guy whose life is fully surrendered to Jesus Christ? Are you seeing him leading younger men towards a greater encounter with the Lord? Are his words a reflection of God’s grace or better yet, do you feel God’s grace every time you talk to Him? Does he spend more time reading his bible rather than being cozy in the comfort of late night fellowships? Does he…

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Sophia in a World Full of Juans

Hey guys! It’s been a very looooooong time since I last updated so I will be sharing with you my feature article in my Philosophy class. I hope you will like it. All the love.


When a flower blooms in a garden, its beauty is shown incredibly. When the sun sets in the afternoon, its orange and pink colors are blended in a magical way. When the clouds moved in the sky like cotton balls spreading on thin air, do you wonder why does it move? Why do they become that beautiful? Why do people exist? What on earth is happening in the surroundings? For some reasons, Philosophy might explain that.

People see through the naked eyes but Philosophy sees what can be looked beyond existence. Things we cannot explain, things we cannot fathom, and things we cannot understand, Philosophy will make a way to decipher all things that the human minds cannot explain. Understanding life and its people seems to be a hard task but when you look closely and have that burning flame of desire to know the truth about everything your curious mind wants to know, you are a philosopher, a lover of wisdom, and a person who is eager to learn and does not want to stop.

Curiosity kills the cat but it allows it to find something he did not expect to find. Something more than words can express, something more than the mind can fathom, and something more than a scientific explanation. That is the power of philosophy, to help people understand situations they did not know how to handle. It brings light to darkness, gives stars to an empty night sky, and gives clarity to the confusion.

Philosophy will not be complete without its consisting branches. Just like a luxuriant tree, in order for it to be useful to people, the branches should be thick, leafy, and should be able to bear fruits. Have you ever asked someone if what he or she said is really the truth, or is the knowledge given by someone is confirmed or verified, or maybe wondered what the real definition of beauty is. Sometimes, have you ever asked yourself if your reasoning is valid and acceptable or asked if you have the right reasoning in a certain situation. Have you? If you strongly agree, these branches will really be a big help. These branches are Ethics, Aesthetics, Epistemology, Logic, and Metaphysics which serve as the helping hands for exploration and discovery of the world by Philosophy.

The human mind is very mighty, it can destroy and create at the same time but also it can be watered in order to grow and be full of knowledge and most importantly wisdom. Human minds are very complex yet it needs philosophy to be renewed, to have a different perspective, and to understand the world in all aspects.

As human persons, they tend to ask a lot of questions and for assurance they seek answers to them because of their overflowing curiosity. Philosophy gives answers that they did not expect to hear, answers that give glow to their darkened and confused minds. It is the key to understanding the world in the whole picture and also the key to wisdom that cannot be stolen from people as time continues to move in its very fast pace.

“Science is what you know; philosophy is what you don’t know,” according to Bertrand Russell. Keep this in mind; it is worth a thousand words explained by Scientists. Philosophy is something that will strike your mind and your soul and lets you see the universe in a whole exquisite perspective. A view that will ignite millions of minds to seek answers to the never ending questions, philosophy it is.

-atarahxx ❤


Counting Game

Hey guys! Here’s another short story and I hope you all like it. All the love ❤


Taeta being a lady of independence, decided to go to her favorite coffee shop in Forbes Town Center. As she walked on the grey-colored narrow streets, her brown, wavy hair swayed uncontrollably due to the cold wispy air of the night. She heard birds chirping and seen lights twinkling on the road that she kept on walking in. She finally had a glimpse of the bright lights that formed the sign Aivee Café and it made her at ease that she was near to her desired safe haven.

As she entered the café, she immediately fall in lined and ordered her favorite, her personal pair, one large winter melon-flavored milk tea with additional pearls and also smores. She heard her stomach grumbled because of her sudden cravings. She went to her spot, behind those white-marbled walls was her so-called pastel blue comfy chair, and she hurriedly sat and opened her laptop. The laptop beeped so many times because of a lot of notifications about their group work in Creative Writing class. She was also bombarded with the things to do in the other subjects she took in University of the Philippines Diliman. She sighed and allowed herself to absorb the tasks she was about to complete.

After the realizations, she emphasized one thing inside her head. She was longing for something more than what just meets her eyes, something she really was uncertain of. She thought about happiness and where would she find it and literally she had no idea. So out of boredom and confusion, she decided to play a game that was way beyond her comfort zone. She whispered to herself, “The 23rd guy who passed in front of me will be my boyfriend.” Maybe she thought that a boyfriend would finally give her genuine happiness she waited in her existence. And with that thought in mind, undoubtedly, she started counting.

“One,” an old guy passed in front of her wearing a striped long-sleeved shirt and was after her beautiful wife. She smiled and said, “They looked really cute, I was kinda envious of them.” “Two, three, four, five, six,” the sixth guy caught her attention, he really was looking dainty and manly yet she held hands with another guy which meant that he was a gay. She laughed a little and whispered, “Oh, if he was a man, he would really be my crush, sadly he was not.” Then she went on counting, perplexed by the thought that she was depending on something that was unsure. She was doing a thing she never expected to do; she did something that was not included in the long list of her plans. But amidst the peculiarity, she had the burning desire to continue counting and discover something new about the people around her and even herself. Maybe, in that weird way, she will found out someone or something that will make her universe brighter and merrier than it was that night. “Eighteen, nineteen, twenty,” her heart stopped for a moment, the 20th guy in yellow shirt and khaki shorts was his childhood best friend. She quickly enveloped his arms around him and bade good bye when he said he was in a rush. She got the chance to have his number and some time in the future they will meet in some random place in Manila. And by that, she realized that she desperately longed for it and there was no turning back.

“Twenty one,” she whispered, her heart was in a very quick pace, it seemed like it was about to explode and be divided into tiny pieces. The 23rd guy was very near and she had no idea who will it be, someone who was a stranger to him or someone whom she met but could not be remembered. She did not care and continued counting with a pair of shaking hands and a much confused mind in the making.

“Twenty two, twenty three,” with eyes full of curiosity and certain excitement, she looked directly at the guy who passed in front of her. She held her breath and with a blurry pair of eyes, she was amused and shocked at the guy’s presence. He was wearing a deep blue v neck t-shirt, faded jeans, and a pair of white classic Converse shoes with brown eyes literally the same as hers. Taeta’s eyes were filled with tears, she had no idea that he would be given a chance to finally meet him after all the years she had waited.

The guy approached her, and Taeta cannot move a single step, she had her mouth wide open like she was stoned literally on the place she was sitting on. She awkwardly smiled and waited for him to be close. As the guy continued to be near her, both of their smiles never faded and when he was finally close enough to her, he whispered, “I miss you my not-so-little sister.”

Brush Strokes and Guitar Chords

Hey guys! It’s been a very long time since I last posted so I’m gonna share with you my short story in my Creative Nonfiction subject at school. I hope you’ll like it. All the love ❤

The tall, sturdy trees were swaying smoothly because of the strong wind. Their leaves were falling slowly on the grey roads of the University of the Philippines Diliman. Students of different courses were running quickly just to go inside their respective classrooms. Noelle, a Fine Arts student, major in painting, was also running hurriedly towards her yellowish white classroom found on the fourth floor. Her brown leather bag was full of paints in different colors and brushes of different types. Her black wavy hair was dancing with the whistling wind due to her rush.

As Noelle’s feet stepped on her classroom, the professor called her and asked her to go with him to his office. They would be talking about something very important. Noelle willingly turned her head and followed her professor with her heart beating so loudly in her chest and her legs shivering because of nervousness and fear. It was her first time talking to a professor one on one. She had a million thoughts running through her mind and everything seemed blurry to her.

When she entered the cold, grey office of her professor, she greatly felt the thumping of her heart as well as the butterflies in her stomach. She felt really uneasy and awkward too. Her professor suddenly spoke in a soft baritone voice saying, “Noelle, you are the best painter in class. You have developed your skill very well. That is why the Fine Arts Department decided to launch your very own exhibit in Nova Gallery Manila. You have a month to prepare. Good luck.” Noelle’s eyes were watering due to the fact that her paintings will be shown to a lot of people. She was very happy, her smile was very wide and her eyes were like sunflowers that were freshly bloomed. She breathed, and faced her professor with a huge smile plastered on her face saying, “Thank you, Sir. I will do my best.” After saying that, she realized one thing. She did not have any subject for her paintings.

To find inspiration, Noelle decided to go to Luneta Park, one of the best places to witness different people enjoying the best part of their lives. She went there hoping to find something that was worth her paints and brushes on a canvas. She was looking at a lot of people but one guy caught her attention. The tall, tanned-skin guy was wearing a moss green shirt, paired with tattered faded jeans. His hair was brown as well as his eyes and he was also holding his dark blue acoustic guitar in his hands. His eyes were shut, and he was like feeling everything that the world could offer. Unknowingly, Noelle took her pencil and sketched him on her notebook. She memorized his features, from his clean cut brown hair up to his small pinkish lips. His smile, Noelle was hypnotized by it. And she thought that the guy will be her paintings’ subject.

Since Noelle has one month to prepare, she decided to go to Luneta Park everyday after school to witness him. And everyday, that guy was sitting comfortably on the benches playing his acoustic guitar or maybe writing his songs. Noelle did not care about what he was doing, every little angle of him, she wanted him in her paintings.

The big day has come. Nova Gallery Manila was all set. The paintings of Noelle with one particular guy as her subject were perfectly hanged on the walls. The lights were very dimmed to bring that gloomy but very relaxing mood to the viewers. She gave all her best for her paintings to be that beautiful and intricate in everyone’s eyes. However, Noelle was not aware that the guy whom she painted has been invited to her exhibit.

Adriel was a student in University of the Philippines Diliman. He was taking up Journalism and one of his friends asked him to come to this interesting exhibit. His friends told him to come because the lady’s paintings were very appealing to the eyes. They should really go to see what was in store for them. With an intriguing heart, Adriel went to the exhibit wearing his plain white shirt, ragged pants, and black Converse sneakers. Adriel, upon entering the exhibit, was very astonished upon what he saw. He cannot believe that he was seeing his face in all sorts of angles in someone else’s paintings, someone he didn’t even know.

His soul was full of curiosity. He took a deep breath and asked the coordinator about the painter. The coordinator pointed at a laughing Noelle with her colleagues. Adriel’s heart was fluttering; he cannot move a single step. And in his chaotic mind, he thought, “That girl was the subject of all my poetries in Luneta Park.”

-taetaxx ❤


Hey guys! I’m back. This is another flash fiction for my creative writing class and I hope this will serve as an inspiration to all the readers. All the love ❤

              I knew the first time I stepped in this school, my whole life will change and I guess it did. The wind blew so hard that all my paper works were scattered on the floor and just like I expected there was no one to help me. I picked it all up and hurriedly run on the messy hallways filled with different kind of students just like having their own world of themselves, I didn’t care. I went to my room and as usual, all my classmates did not notice me and then I sat on my favorite chair on the right side at the back. I had the glimpse of all my classmates busy chatting or whatsoever. Then my professor in Creative Writing arrived, looked at me intently and called my name, “Teagan, can you please come with me?” I quickly stood up, held my bag, and followed my professor. My heart was about to burst in my chest, I didn’t know what’s the reason behind it. I glanced at the hallways, they were empty, and scattered trashes of irresponsible students were on the marbled floor. It quite bugged me, I wished this school would be clean, ‘cause this place was beautiful to me, probably. We came in his office; I sat down on the chair that he asked me to sit. And then I held my breath. He started speaking “Teagan, I’m very impressed with your works you submitted last week.”  Silence filled the air and then I smiled, so wide, that he was caught in a daze. Thank you so much Sir, I almost shouted, but I controlled myself. And then he continued “I have one challenge for you, write me a story that is not like the cliche ones, make it interesting and worth-reading. Will it be okay with you?” I was shook, but I will accept that challenge. I whispered, yes sir and then his last statement almost brought me into cloud nine, “If I will like your story, I may submit it in Youth Writers’ Association Publication and allow it to be published and distributed all over the world.” And then it hit me, this will be the key to all my dreams and I will never allow myself not to grab it.

             My mind was playing all those circumstances I aspired to happen, being a well-known writer that is adored by people all over the world. It was just wow, I sighed. Can I really do it? Write a story that will exceed everyone’s expectations? Maybe, but my mind was a clutter. My parents were about to accomplish their divorce papers. My scholarship was about to get terminated due to my absences because of my part time jobs. I had no friend to rely on. I was sitting on the bench and I did not notice that my tears started falling on my cheeks and all I can do was wipe it with my bare hands. I merely brought handkerchief in my school these past days, I always forgot about it. But, my eyes widen when a hanky was offered directly across my face and it was held by a brown-haired girl smiling at me. I had no guts to say no so I took it. She smiled and spoke, “Wanna hangout? There was a coffee shop near the area; I might introduce you to someone that may help you in all your problems.” I doubted her but still she had that aura that when she offered something, you may never refuse or reject it. I trusted her, and that became one of the best decisions I ever had. I finally met him.

            At the coffee shop, she introduced me to this guy that whenever I talked to him, all the heaviness I felt was blown away just like a bubble that disappeared in a snap. Almost all the times I talked to him, what happened all throughout the day and also the embarrassing things I did in school and in my work. When I’m with him, I no longer pretend to be that girl, who’s happy but deep inside so sad, longing for that care that only him who can give. He was always there when I needed him, gave me advices in all my struggles, hugged me when I felt so cold and alone. He was there, always there. He was my anchor in the waves of difficulties. He was my fortress, my wall; my shield that protected me in all weapons threw by this cruel life. He had this promises that I truly knew that he will never break any single one of them. I talked to him every night, before I go to bed, and every night I cried, but he was there, hugging me from behind, hushing me and saying that everything will be alright. That guy gave me the definition of love.

            I started writing about him. I had no idea that he inspired me the most. I had written a thousand words, but no words can express his love for me. His love that glued all my broken pieces together.

            My story was done; I printed it, stapled it, and put it in the folder, and got ready to give it to my professor. Right in the front page was shown in bold calligraphy letters the title of my masterpiece, “The Man on the Cross.” And I felt happy, even though this will be rejected, at least I shared the truth of the definition of love, and it really was that simple man who’s name is Jesus Christ.

-atarahxx ❤

The Most Awaited

Another one, it was one of the works for my Creative Writing class and I don’t know if it was worth the read but I am still hoping that you’ll like it. All the love. ❤


As he stepped out of the blue Mercedes-Benz car, wearing his classic navy blue tuxedo with a pair of silver necktie, he sighed. His breath felt so warm that it can cure the coldness of the outside. He was nervous, his head was full of doubts that may happen later on. But he ends up walking, walking on the straight path ahead of him. His heart was thumping so loudly as if it was about to come out. He could not even utter a single word. His mouth was zipped, he had no idea why. And then again, he walks but now faster. He walked with the sense of excitement and nervousness mixed in his system. He smiled, his teeth were all shown all at once and he felt happy. His mind was now full of possibilities, he laughed without the fear of what will happen in the future. With no hesitation, he swiftly moved his hands to hers. He felt it, the aspiration, the great desire to hold her forever. It felt like the world depended on it and still he continued. He was not afraid of the hands that were trembling while he was holding it, his fear vanished all of the suddenly. With empty mind, and a fast pace of heart, he finally did it. He only heard the sync between their hearts but still he continued.

“You may now kiss the bride.”


-atarahxx ❤


It’s been awhile since I last posted so I decided to post this. It is a flash fiction written by yours truly. I hope you like it. All the love ❤ 


He was looking at the place, examining every corner, every detail, everything that his eyes had the chance to see. He was in deep awe when he was looking at the different paintings hanged on the wall, a mix of excitement, nervousness, and happiness enveloped his system. His mind is full of chaotic thoughts and uncertainties; those artworks remind him of something he himself cannot explain. His eyes were really gleaming because of amazement and dazzlement, he was very proud of the works by the people who were strangers to him. The works really touched his heart and pierced his soul that allowed him to feel fragile and strong at the same time. He saw rainbows in the paintings of dark clouds; he saw something magical in the masterpieces that he could not even understand. And then, he felt it. The urge to do what the artists are doing, the desire to express every unexplainable feeling he had ever felt, and then he held his breath, stopped walking, and look thoroughly at the enormous, marble-tiled place. He will surely miss this, that thought was echoing continually in his mind even before the time when he stepped out of his black, Mercedes-Benz car wearing a grey shirt paired with a khaki shorts and a converse sneakers. His heart was beating so fast that he had no idea why, he felt his lips dry, and he felt his mouth gasping for more air like he was trapped in a bottle that had no single opening or suffocated in an elevator with only himself as a companion. He was greatly affected and influenced by the artworks made by those unknown passionate artists living in the hidden and abandoned corners of the city.

But then, his brown eyes again roamed the place. His eyes searched for that artwork that he wanted to treasure forever. And his eyes stopped in that certain masterpiece; he could not stop staring at it. His eyes were only focused on it, he could not even blink. His heart was beating so loudly like it was about to burst, his feet were locked on the ground, they were like frozen in a cold winter snow, his feet felt numb. He could not even move. He could not explain its beauty, it was beyond compelling words, and it was beyond majesty. He was deeply overwhelmed with the artwork; he did not want to go home without it tangled on his wet, shaking hands.

He finally had the courage to do so, he started walking, slowly and very carefully that it did not make any single noise. All he can hear were his heart beats and his shallow breaths. He was sweating; he cannot explain what he was feeling.

Five steps, three steps, and one step. He was finally at the end of what seemed like the finish line. He took a deep breath, inhale exhale. Gulped a little bit, got his hanky and wiped the sweat on his forehead. He will finally do it, without hesitations, without second thoughts, he will be really doing it.

“In this room full of different artworks, you are the most beautiful masterpiece I had ever seen.” He whispered in a very sweet tone, his heart felt like it stopped, he could not even make a single move, he was indulged in cloud nine but he was struck when the lady in blue hugged him so tight and replied, “Darling, I missed you.”

-atarahxx ❤