WordPress? Why not?

Hello guys! Come to think of it, it’s my first ever blog! So please bear with me, I’m not very good at this. I’m just a mere beginner here. Stop the chitchat, read on and enjoy!


WordPress got me like WOW, as in ‘awesomeness’ is the best word to describe it. This was just introduced to me by my classmate also my friend. He noticed that I am into writing specifically poems and he said that I should try WordPress and BOOM! I started my own blog and it’s super fun! I fell in love with writing, everything my heart wanted to say was just typewritten and it’s very heart warming. The utter presence of my website being up is more than the definition of happiness for me.

Actually, I got a hard time finishing the look on my blog because it feels like a little bit dull with no pictures and interesting things posted. That’s why I started writing this. The very reason of starting a blog is sharing my thoughts with you guys! And also, writing is my passion, it fuels my soul with just merely happy vibes.

How about you guys?

What pushed you to start your very own blog? Just for fun or it’s more like passion driven because of curiosity?

– Nicole ❤


Life of a College Freshie


I remember crying because of not passing in UP. I remember Ate Thea bringing me Chowking halo-halo and chao fan for dinner because I could not stop crying. From there, I have no choice but to study in Colegio De San Juan De Letran, a school I did not like from the very beginning. It feels like I am still in high school because of the kids roaming around but nevertheless I accepted the fact that this school is the only option I am left to pick.

First day, I am quite nervous but hey, I found a new family, Antonnette, Steph, and Harquel. All are different personalities but have the kalog aura. We had so much fun the first day, we ate at the canteen and took a lot of selfies to cherish the moment. Antonnette even gave me some money because of my insufficient allowance plus a book that is in my wish list. Steph also gave me her old shoes and Harquel gave me her drumsticks. They really are a blessing to me.

I think the first major experience I had was when my professor in Understanding the Self told me ‘very good’ 3 times in a row, that is an achievement right? It felt so surreal but it was really fulfilling.

Antonnette also had the chance to treat us on her 21st birthday. She allowed us to eat in Samgyupsalamat around UST. It was really delicious and the whole experience was just wholesome. I wish Harquel was there and there is soju accompanying us on our table.

Also, I joined Letran Band wherein I truly have no plans to join in the first place but due to scholarship I decided to try. The first training was tough, I did not expect that it could be this hard. We ran around Intramuros, did push ups, squats, burpees, and a lot more. But the highlights are the new friendships, the cool handshakes, and the funny introduce yourself portions. All is well. Then we had a boodle fight on our second training, I brought chicharon and it was really really fun. After bidding our goodbyes, my spoken word team video shoot here in Intramuros and had a lot of fun exploring the walled city.

I also had the chance to donate my blood for the very first time, it was October 27, 2019 and I had Nino to accompany me. The needle was big and the process of insertion and removal were painful but all of it was worth it. I had the chance to help which is truly a privilege.

One of best biglaang galas too is the Manila International Book Fair, the tickets are free because Dr. Dasig gave me one when I answered in our recitation. Nino accompanied me and I bought 3 books for only 200 pesos. He also bought me a bundle of special papers to write or do calligraphy whatsoever. I also had my Muji card. Bonus part is I got to see Mom and Paping in SM MOA because my mom fetched Paping in the airport and they went there to eat and to give me my allowance which allowed me to buy those books.

All in all, college life is tiring but it exceeded my expectations. Letran was not my choice but it is God’s hands that placed me in this situation. I am very excited in what He has in store for me.

Kaya mo ‘yan

Hello loves! This was a piece I wrote months ago due to the reason that I am feeling very blue that night. Honestly, I don’t remember the very reason I did this but anyways, hope you like it. All the love ❤


Hindi ko alam
Kung bakit ganito
Bakit malungkot?
Parang kanina lang ang saya saya
Bakit ngayon ganito na?

Hindi ko alam
Bakit ‘yung puso ko nadudurog
Tila ba boteng tipak tipak na ang bubog
Hindi ko alam bat ganto ‘yung mga mata ko
May kislap pero
Maya maya may luha nang tumutulo

Hindi ko talaga alam
Kung bakit lumilipad ang isip sa kalawakan
Pero parang wala namang patutunguhan
Naglalakbay sa kawalan
Lunod na lunod na sa kalungkutan

Ang saya saya ko kanina pero bat ganon?
Binawi na agad ng mundo yung saglit na kasiyahan
Binawi agad ng mundo ‘yung mga matang wala nang iniiyakan

Hindi talaga patas ang buhay
Maraming sugat na lumalatay
Marami ring alaalang babaunin habambuhay

Sa pagiging matatag
Sa pagiging mabuti
Sa pagiging matapang

Kakayanin mo ‘to
Maraming nagmamahal sa’yo
‘Di mo lang napagtatanto

At isa na roon si Kristo.


-atarahxx ❤

Singleness is a Blessing

Hey guys! It has been a while, like really months have passed since I last posted but you know, your girl is a freshie in college! It is hard to adjust but I am trying my best to still maintain this vlog. Anyways, hope you like it. All the love ❤


Bakit kaya single pa ako?

Madalas napapaisip ako, bakit nga ba ako walang boyfriend? ‘Yung mga kaibigan ko may kanya-kanyang jowa tapos ako heto wala pa rin. Naiinip na ako, napapagod na akong maghintay na dumating ‘yung taong nakalaan para sakin. Nakakasawa nang maghintay, lagi na lang akong nasasaktan.

Sila, kilig na kilig tuwing gabi kasi may kausap, ako naman eh tulog agad kasi wala talagang nagbaka sakaling kumausap. Sila, may mga bulaklak at tsokolate sa araw ng mga puso, ako, ayun tulala, nasa isang sulok nagmamasid sa mga kinikilig na babaeng tulad ko. Sila, masaya pero ako heto nagiisip ng mga solusyon sa milyong mga problema. Bakit nga ba? Bakit nga ba ako mag-isa? Ay teka, mag-isa nga ba talaga? Hindi ata.

Sa season nang pagiging single ko, napakarami kong napagtanto. Mas marami kong oras para tuklasin ang aking sarili sa halip na magmahal ng taong ‘di ako siguradong mamahalin ako nang totoo. Mas nagkaroon ako ng oras pagtibayin ang kalakasan ko at palakasin ang mga kahinaan ko. Natuto kong dumepende sa iisang tao, sa iisang taong kukumpleto ng buhay ko. Sa iisang taong laman ng puso ko. Sa iisang taong nagbigay tibok nito. Walang iba, kundi si Kristo.

Masaya na ako sa kung ano ako ngayon, wala mang boyfriend, mayroon namang pamilyang nagmamahal nang lubos, mga kaibigang nagbibigay kilig, mga churchmates na palaging nandyan, at higit sa lahat si Lord na kailanman hindi ako iiwan. Alam kong darating ako sa puntong magmamahal ako nang higit pa sa inaasahan ko pero ayaw kong magmadali. Mayroon at mayroong Siyang hinandang magandang kwento para sa akin at patuloy akong maghihintay doon na alam kong magiging worth it basahin.

-atarahxx ❤

The Perfect Date: A movie review

And I am back with something new, and I just finished watching The Perfect Date in the Netflix app, and luckily I got so inspired I ended up sharing my thoughts about it. I hope you will like it. All the love❤

I guess this concludes my hopeless romantic vibes in my body, oh well, just kidding. I am still that hopeless romantic girl hoping to have a guy that will truly love me for who I am.

But, the perfect date made me realize one thing, there is no such thing as finding happiness from someone I adored or something I really want to have rather, happiness is definitely found by being the true me.

Disregarding the fact of the plans I have for my future or the dreams I really aspired to happen as well as the people’s opinions about me. All of them will definitely not matter. Why?

Simply because, pretending to be someone I am not will leave me hanging and lost in this cruel world. I may not have the richest family or the most beautiful face as well as a handsome boyfriend but the reality that I am loved by my family, friends, and the people that are really close to my heart is enough to keep me going in this tough life.

Just like in the movie, we are all in search for our true selves but the truth is we really do not need to depend on everything the world offers but instead allow every moment, every instance, and every memory in our lives to be as intimate and genuine as we encountered it.

For those true feelings and real encounters will make us who we are. Those things are what made me, me and I will never be ashamed of the fact that I am just an ordinary girl, confused in where will she be studying in college, but I am that girl who always strives to seek happiness in every detail my life has to offer.

Worldy things may fade and I had the chance to pretend, but I will never ever do that for I wanted to be genuinely happy by just accepting me and the person I am becoming to be.


And I’m back! Here is another Filipino poem intended for the youth. This was created for our youth series (Larong Pinoy) in our church, Jesus the Living Water Church Baliwag. Hope you all like it. All the love❤

Maliwanag ang buwan
Pagbilang kong sampu,
Nakatago na kayo

Sa likod ng mga ngiti
Ay ang mga kabigatang nakakubli
Mga matang punong-puno ng pighati
Mga labing salitang ‘tulong’ ang iminumutawi

Simulan natin sa kanya
Puno man ng sigla ang kanyang mukha,
Pero ang totoo,
Hirap na hirap sa eskwela
Hirap na hirap kung paano ba siya
tatanggapin ng kanyang ama’t ina?
Laging gumugulo sa kanyang isip ang mga katagang,
‘Wala kasi akong kwenta, anoman ang gawin ko para sa kanila’

Siya naman,
Isang dilag na puspos ng kagandahan
Ngunit lubos na kinaiinggitan
Pilit man siyang lumalaban,
Kamay ng kaaway
Ay ayaw siyang pakawalan

Siya rin,
Kumikislap ang kaniyang mga mata,
Ngunit nakatagpo ng maling pagmamahal
Sa taong hindi naman para sa kanya
Tatay niyang inom dito, inom doon at panay ang sigarilyo
Nanay namang panay sugal, itinuring na itong kanyang mundo
Tanong niya sa sarili,
Ano ba, paulit-ulit na lang ba ito?

At siya,
Gustong-gustong maging masaya
Nababalisa at walang wala nang pag-asa
Kailan ba matatapos ang lahat nang ito?
Bulong niya,
Ayaw ko na
Itigil na natin ‘to
Hindi ko na talaga kaya

Napakaraming dahilan para sumuko
Higit na mas marami ang Kaniyang mga pangako

Magtago man tayo sa Kaniyang paningin
Patuloy pa rin Niya tayong hahanapin

Dahil sa simula pa lang,
Nahanap na Niya tayo
Noong nagpapako Siya
Sa Krus ng kalbaryo.

It’s Not Enough That He’s a Christian

Dear ladies,

This is for all of you❤


I’m sorry but you read it right and I mean it.

It’s not enough that he’s a Christian.

Beloved, you need to hear the truth.


1. There’s a lot of nice Christian boys, but not a lot of Godly men.
You see, a lot of guys out there can easily serve in the ministry. You can spot them in church every Sunday. Hitting the drums so passionately and leading the worship in all its honor and glory. Yet, are these really the marks of a guy whose life is fully surrendered to Jesus Christ? Are you seeing him leading younger men towards a greater encounter with the Lord? Are his words a reflection of God’s grace or better yet, do you feel God’s grace every time you talk to Him? Does he spend more time reading his bible rather than being cozy in the comfort of late night fellowships? Does he…

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Sophia in a World Full of Juans

Hey guys! It’s been a very looooooong time since I last updated so I will be sharing with you my feature article in my Philosophy class. I hope you will like it. All the love.


When a flower blooms in a garden, its beauty is shown incredibly. When the sun sets in the afternoon, its orange and pink colors are blended in a magical way. When the clouds moved in the sky like cotton balls spreading on thin air, do you wonder why does it move? Why do they become that beautiful? Why do people exist? What on earth is happening in the surroundings? For some reasons, Philosophy might explain that.

People see through the naked eyes but Philosophy sees what can be looked beyond existence. Things we cannot explain, things we cannot fathom, and things we cannot understand, Philosophy will make a way to decipher all things that the human minds cannot explain. Understanding life and its people seems to be a hard task but when you look closely and have that burning flame of desire to know the truth about everything your curious mind wants to know, you are a philosopher, a lover of wisdom, and a person who is eager to learn and does not want to stop.

Curiosity kills the cat but it allows it to find something he did not expect to find. Something more than words can express, something more than the mind can fathom, and something more than a scientific explanation. That is the power of philosophy, to help people understand situations they did not know how to handle. It brings light to darkness, gives stars to an empty night sky, and gives clarity to the confusion.

Philosophy will not be complete without its consisting branches. Just like a luxuriant tree, in order for it to be useful to people, the branches should be thick, leafy, and should be able to bear fruits. Have you ever asked someone if what he or she said is really the truth, or is the knowledge given by someone is confirmed or verified, or maybe wondered what the real definition of beauty is. Sometimes, have you ever asked yourself if your reasoning is valid and acceptable or asked if you have the right reasoning in a certain situation. Have you? If you strongly agree, these branches will really be a big help. These branches are Ethics, Aesthetics, Epistemology, Logic, and Metaphysics which serve as the helping hands for exploration and discovery of the world by Philosophy.

The human mind is very mighty, it can destroy and create at the same time but also it can be watered in order to grow and be full of knowledge and most importantly wisdom. Human minds are very complex yet it needs philosophy to be renewed, to have a different perspective, and to understand the world in all aspects.

As human persons, they tend to ask a lot of questions and for assurance they seek answers to them because of their overflowing curiosity. Philosophy gives answers that they did not expect to hear, answers that give glow to their darkened and confused minds. It is the key to understanding the world in the whole picture and also the key to wisdom that cannot be stolen from people as time continues to move in its very fast pace.

“Science is what you know; philosophy is what you don’t know,” according to Bertrand Russell. Keep this in mind; it is worth a thousand words explained by Scientists. Philosophy is something that will strike your mind and your soul and lets you see the universe in a whole exquisite perspective. A view that will ignite millions of minds to seek answers to the never ending questions, philosophy it is.

-atarahxx ❤