WordPress? Why not?

Hello guys! Come to think of it, it’s my first ever blog! So please bear with me, I’m not very good at this. I’m just a mere beginner here. Stop the chitchat, read on and enjoy!


WordPress got me like WOW, as in ‘awesomeness’ is the best word to describe it. This was just introduced to me by my classmate also my friend. He noticed that I am into writing specifically poems and he said that I should try WordPress and BOOM! I started my own blog and it’s super fun! I fell in love with writing, everything my heart wanted to say was just typewritten and it’s very heart warming. The utter presence of my website being up is more than the definition of happiness for me.

Actually, I got a hard time finishing the look on my blog because it feels like a little bit dull with no pictures and interesting things posted. That’s why I started writing this. The very reason of starting a blog is sharing my thoughts with you guys! And also, writing is my passion, it fuels my soul with just merely happy vibes.

How about you guys?

What pushed you to start your very own blog? Just for fun or it’s more like passion driven because of curiosity?

– Nicole ❤



Hey guys! I’m back. This is another flash fiction for my creative writing class and I hope this will serve as an inspiration to all the readers. All the love ❤

              I knew the first time I stepped in this school, my whole life will change and I guess it did. The wind blew so hard that all my paper works were scattered on the floor and just like I expected there was no one to help me. I picked it all up and hurriedly run on the messy hallways filled with different kind of students just like having their own world of themselves, I didn’t care. I went to my room and as usual, all my classmates did not notice me and then I sat on my favorite chair on the right side at the back. I had the glimpse of all my classmates busy chatting or whatsoever. Then my professor in Creative Writing arrived, looked at me intently and called my name, “Teagan, can you please come with me?” I quickly stood up, held my bag, and followed my professor. My heart was about to burst in my chest, I didn’t know what’s the reason behind it. I glanced at the hallways, they were empty, and scattered trashes of irresponsible students were on the marbled floor. It quite bugged me, I wished this school would be clean, ‘cause this place was beautiful to me, probably. We came in his office; I sat down on the chair that he asked me to sit. And then I held my breath. He started speaking “Teagan, I’m very impressed with your works you submitted last week.”  Silence filled the air and then I smiled, so wide, that he was caught in a daze. Thank you so much Sir, I almost shouted, but I controlled myself. And then he continued “I have one challenge for you, write me a story that is not like the cliche ones, make it interesting and worth-reading. Will it be okay with you?” I was shook, but I will accept that challenge. I whispered, yes sir and then his last statement almost brought me into cloud nine, “If I will like your story, I may submit it in Youth Writers’ Association Publication and allow it to be published and distributed all over the world.” And then it hit me, this will be the key to all my dreams and I will never allow myself not to grab it.

             My mind was playing all those circumstances I aspired to happen, being a well-known writer that is adored by people all over the world. It was just wow, I sighed. Can I really do it? Write a story that will exceed everyone’s expectations? Maybe, but my mind was a clutter. My parents were about to accomplish their divorce papers. My scholarship was about to get terminated due to my absences because of my part time jobs. I had no friend to rely on. I was sitting on the bench and I did not notice that my tears started falling on my cheeks and all I can do was wipe it with my bare hands. I merely brought handkerchief in my school these past days, I always forgot about it. But, my eyes widen when a hanky was offered directly across my face and it was held by a brown-haired girl smiling at me. I had no guts to say no so I took it. She smiled and spoke, “Wanna hangout? There was a coffee shop near the area; I might introduce you to someone that may help you in all your problems.” I doubted her but still she had that aura that when she offered something, you may never refuse or reject it. I trusted her, and that became one of the best decisions I ever had. I finally met him.

            At the coffee shop, she introduced me to this guy that whenever I talked to him, all the heaviness I felt was blown away just like a bubble that disappeared in a snap. Almost all the times I talked to him, what happened all throughout the day and also the embarrassing things I did in school and in my work. When I’m with him, I no longer pretend to be that girl, who’s happy but deep inside so sad, longing for that care that only him who can give. He was always there when I needed him, gave me advices in all my struggles, hugged me when I felt so cold and alone. He was there, always there. He was my anchor in the waves of difficulties. He was my fortress, my wall; my shield that protected me in all weapons threw by this cruel life. He had this promises that I truly knew that he will never break any single one of them. I talked to him every night, before I go to bed, and every night I cried, but he was there, hugging me from behind, hushing me and saying that everything will be alright. That guy gave me the definition of love.

            I started writing about him. I had no idea that he inspired me the most. I had written a thousand words, but no words can express his love for me. His love that glued all my broken pieces together.

            My story was done; I printed it, stapled it, and put it in the folder, and got ready to give it to my professor. Right in the front page was shown in bold calligraphy letters the title of my masterpiece, “The Man on the Cross.” And I felt happy, even though this will be rejected, at least I shared the truth of the definition of love, and it really was that simple man who’s name is Jesus Christ.

-atarahxx ❤

The Most Awaited

Another one, it was one of the works for my Creative Writing class and I don’t know if it was worth the read but I am still hoping that you’ll like it. All the love. ❤


As he stepped out of the blue Mercedes-Benz car, wearing his classic navy blue tuxedo with a pair of silver necktie, he sighed. His breath felt so warm that it can cure the coldness of the outside. He was nervous, his head was full of doubts that may happen later on. But he ends up walking, walking on the straight path ahead of him. His heart was thumping so loudly as if it was about to come out. He could not even utter a single word. His mouth was zipped, he had no idea why. And then again, he walks but now faster. He walked with the sense of excitement and nervousness mixed in his system. He smiled, his teeth were all shown all at once and he felt happy. His mind was now full of possibilities, he laughed without the fear of what will happen in the future. With no hesitation, he swiftly moved his hands to hers. He felt it, the aspiration, the great desire to hold her forever. It felt like the world depended on it and still he continued. He was not afraid of the hands that were trembling while he was holding it, his fear vanished all of the suddenly. With empty mind, and a fast pace of heart, he finally did it. He only heard the sync between their hearts but still he continued.

“You may now kiss the bride.”


-atarahxx ❤


It’s been awhile since I last posted so I decided to post this. It is a flash fiction written by yours truly. I hope you like it. All the love ❤ 


He was looking at the place, examining every corner, every detail, everything that his eyes had the chance to see. He was in deep awe when he was looking at the different paintings hanged on the wall, a mix of excitement, nervousness, and happiness enveloped his system. His mind is full of chaotic thoughts and uncertainties; those artworks remind him of something he himself cannot explain. His eyes were really gleaming because of amazement and dazzlement, he was very proud of the works by the people who were strangers to him. The works really touched his heart and pierced his soul that allowed him to feel fragile and strong at the same time. He saw rainbows in the paintings of dark clouds; he saw something magical in the masterpieces that he could not even understand. And then, he felt it. The urge to do what the artists are doing, the desire to express every unexplainable feeling he had ever felt, and then he held his breath, stopped walking, and look thoroughly at the enormous, marble-tiled place. He will surely miss this, that thought was echoing continually in his mind even before the time when he stepped out of his black, Mercedes-Benz car wearing a grey shirt paired with a khaki shorts and a converse sneakers. His heart was beating so fast that he had no idea why, he felt his lips dry, and he felt his mouth gasping for more air like he was trapped in a bottle that had no single opening or suffocated in an elevator with only himself as a companion. He was greatly affected and influenced by the artworks made by those unknown passionate artists living in the hidden and abandoned corners of the city.

But then, his brown eyes again roamed the place. His eyes searched for that artwork that he wanted to treasure forever. And his eyes stopped in that certain masterpiece; he could not stop staring at it. His eyes were only focused on it, he could not even blink. His heart was beating so loudly like it was about to burst, his feet were locked on the ground, they were like frozen in a cold winter snow, his feet felt numb. He could not even move. He could not explain its beauty, it was beyond compelling words, and it was beyond majesty. He was deeply overwhelmed with the artwork; he did not want to go home without it tangled on his wet, shaking hands.

He finally had the courage to do so, he started walking, slowly and very carefully that it did not make any single noise. All he can hear were his heart beats and his shallow breaths. He was sweating; he cannot explain what he was feeling.

Five steps, three steps, and one step. He was finally at the end of what seemed like the finish line. He took a deep breath, inhale exhale. Gulped a little bit, got his hanky and wiped the sweat on his forehead. He will finally do it, without hesitations, without second thoughts, he will be really doing it.

“In this room full of different artworks, you are the most beautiful masterpiece I had ever seen.” He whispered in a very sweet tone, his heart felt like it stopped, he could not even make a single move, he was indulged in cloud nine but he was struck when the lady in blue hugged him so tight and replied, “Darling, I missed you.”

-atarahxx ❤

Chaos in my Mind

I’m in the point of my life wherein I just wanted the things going on to end. I badly need a break.

A sea of disappointment is drowning me in this time of my life. Why? Why all of a sudden?

The past days are filled with happiness and yet after that short while here comes all the struggles I don’t want to exist. Who on earth wanted her life to be filled with struggles, right?

The people around me are very disappointed in us. We did our best. We did our very best, we swear it. And yet it was never enough.

Bad comments instead of motivational words came rushing to us like a snow ball from a mountain top ready to kill us in just a split second.

Why is a time like this happens? When everything seems right but after being happy, the world seems slowly crumbling down in a sink hole with immeasurable depth.

All the people that served as our mentors are already giving up on us. How would we continue our journey as students if they don’t hold our hands anymore?

But I realized that reality definitely sucks. This happens because maybe after this freaking rain there comes a colorful rainbow. How I wish it will come soon. Very soon.

I wanted to give up. But nah, it will not change the situation anyway, it stays the same.

All we need to do is continue having faith in God. He knows everything, He has plans to give us such lessons that will be treasured for sure forever.

I hope that soon everything will be okay.

I. super. damn. hope. that. this. will. end.

Bitaw Na

Hi guys! It’s been awhile since I last posted, so here’s another poem in Filipino language. Promise, I’ll post an English poem soon hihi. Hope you’ll like it. All the love.

Para sa mga taong wala ng ibang nagawa kundi bumitaw sa mga kamay na matagal hinawakan. Mga sumuko sa ngalan ng pag-ibig.


Saan nga ba tayo nagsimula?
sa pagkakaibigang di inaasahan?
o sa isang ‘hello’ na batian

Naaalala ko pa ‘nun, mag-isa ko sa kwarto
kinausap mo ko sabay sabing ‘kain tayo’
Napangiti ako
‘dun ata nagsimula ang pagkakahulog ko sa’yo

Tandang-tanda ko ‘nun
Gabi-gabi tayo nag-uusap
walang humpay na kwentuhan
walang katapusang paghulog ko sa kailaliman

Ngunit nagbago ang lahat
Nakilala mo siya
ang babaeng makakapukaw ng atensyon mo
ang atensyong matagal ko ng gusto

ang sakit sakit pala
unti-unting nadudurog ang puso kong nag-iisa
para kong nalulunod
sa pagmamahal ko sa’yong kailanman di ako makakaahon

Pero sa tingin ko, titigilan ko na
saan pa ang pagtakbo patungo sa’yo
kung una pa lang, nasa kanya na ang tropeyo

Aanhin pa ang pagsugal
kung sa una pa lang, talo na ako

Aanhin pa ang paglapit sa’yo
Kung sa una pa lang, may distansya ng naglalayo

Ititigil ko na
Hangga’t maaga
kahit mahirap
kahit masakit
kahit parang di kaya

Mahal, bibitawan na kita

Kasi para saan pa ang mga kamay ko, kung iyang mga kamay mo ay nakahawak na sa kanya?


-atarahxx ❤

Wag muna

So here’s another poem but in Filipino language. I wrote this a long time ago so I’ll share it with you guys. Hope you like it. All the love.

Para sa mga taong nagmahal lang naman pero umabot talaga sa puntong sobra nang nasasaktan. Para ito sa inyo, mga nabihag ng salitang pag-ibig.


Teka, sandali
wag mo muna kong iiwan
Hayaan mo munang tayo’y magtagal
ng higit pa sa iilang mga buwan

wag ka munang aalis
sapagkat puso ko’y pinapatibok mo
ng sobrang bilis

Wag mo muna kong bibitawan
sa mga kamay mong
kapag hawak ko’y, puno ng kaginhawaan

Wag mo muna kong papakawalan
sa mga bisig mong
habang buhay doon ko gustong manahan

Wag mo muna akong sabihan
ng mga salitang
kailanma’y ayaw kong malaman
at lubos na mapakinggan

Wag mo munang sirain
ang mga pangakong
matagal kong pinanghawakan

Wag mo munang hatiin
ang puso kong
ikaw lang ang mithiin

Parang awa mo na, mahal
wag muna

Hindi pa ako handa
na masaktan ng sobra
sa di ko inaakala

Hindi pa ako handa
na malimutan ka
at malamang
may kapiling kang iba

Hindi pa ako handa
na lumuha ng walang tigil
dahil sa paglisan mo

Pero alam kong aabot sa puntong iyon
na magsasawa ka sa akin

na hindi na ako ang magiging dahilan
ng iyong matatamis na ngiti

Kaya mahal, hiling ko lang
Wag muna
hayaan mo muna akong maging masaya.


-atarahxx ❤


Hey guys! It’s been awhile so here’s another poem I wrote a long time ago. Hope you like it. All the love.

For girls who are worthy of everything.


Darling, close your eyes

For it mirrors your dark soul


Her short black hair

sways with the strong swirling air


Her brown talking eyes

pierced souls of guys


Her radiant smile

that allows flowers to bloom


Her writing through poems

are very heart warming


Her aura is made of fantasies

roses, poetries, and galaxies


She’s one of a kind

In a sense that people around her were blind


Unable to notice her undeniable beauty

and her powerful personality.


-atarahxx ❤